M.S. Drum Lift Trolley

M.S. Drum Lift Trolley

A drum container is generally used to carry liquid goods like oil, fuels, chemicals, etc. Hence, drum containers require great care while their transportation. Drum trolleys are the solution to this issue. Brand Scaffolding is one of the leading MS drum lift trolley manufacturers in Chennai.

Durability of Mild Steel Drum Lifter Trolley

Since the drum containers are used for the shipment of dangerous goods such as chemicals, inflammable liquids, etc., their handling requires a high degree of care. Any mishappening can lead to a major accident. Hence, we use mild steel to manufacture the drum lifter trolleys. Mild steel is well-known for its strength. For easy transportation of drum containers, you can rely on drum trolleys manufactured by us, one of the trusted mild steel drum lift trolley suppliers in India.

Design and Characteristics of Oil Drum Lifter Trolley

We manufacture various designs of drum lifter trolleys for the shipment of various kinds of drum containers. Let’s have a look some of them:

  • Two-wheeler oil drum lifter (most common design of oil drum trolleys).
  • Three-wheeler MS lift drum trolley.
  • Four-wheeler MS drum lifter trolley.
  • Drum lifter trolley with varying length of platforms.

In order to provide excellent handling of drum containers, all of our drum lifters come with a lock feature. This lock is provided to keep the drum in its place while transportation. Hence, it reduces accidents.

We thank our customers for keeping their faith in us. It is our customers who made us one of the best mild steel drum lift trolley suppliers in Chennai.

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